Founded in February 2009, we have our administrative & development facility in Navi Mumbai, India. Our team is a great mix of experience, talent, persistence, hard work & enthusiasm. With this outstanding team, we have empowered many in-house and external client applications. We certainly take pride in our work.

We just turned one in February 2010. It was a splendid year!! We had our complete focus on building the portfolio with mobile & web applications. What started as portfolio applications soon was shaped into full blown products. Now we have two flagship products serving Retail Industry & Industrial Security Solutions. But wait!! This is not all. With the limited marketing efforts, we bagged two clients & answered a whole bunch of requests for proposals (RFPs). We are confident that there will be never ending excitement in the years to follow. Interested in knowing more about our products? Drop us a line at email: info at niciainfotech.com