On October 22, 2010, Nicia Infotech released website for Ramgopal Varma’s movie “Rakta-Charitra”. This Viviek Oberoi & Surya Starrer movie was another blockbluster movie directed by Ramgopal Varma himself. This was our tribute to our favorite star Vivek Oberoi.

On March 8,2010, Nicia Infotech launched “”, a unique website which not only guides a member to create a resolution but also helps them to achieve it. The project code named as “TYR”, allows a member to create a resolution & an action plan by identifying baby steps towards achieving it. An action plan helps the member to act on & track measurable tasks. Meeting smaller goals acts as a step forward mechanism in the process of a bigger goal. A mandatory step to get the action plan reviewed by a friend or TYR Team itself, infuses momentum. Finally sharing the goal with Friends & Family works as a catalyst & ensures that the job is done. With a plan to get 100,000 members by year end, TYR has more features to come in near future. So keep watching this space!!

Nicia Infotech released on January 1, 2010.

On Sep 7, 2009 Nicia Infotech added “OIP”, another innovative product to it’s retail portfolio. This web based application is uniquely designed for retail shops & shopping mall owners to monetize their floor space inventory for display advertising or promotional marketing. The software allows the shop owners or store managers to manage the pricing of the available inventory, assign the inventory to single buyer & avoid double booking, prevent excessive selling of the inventory, collaborate with the potential buyers and much more. Nicia Infotech is planning to distribute this software on license basis with an option of purchasing technical support as per individual organizational needs.

On April 27, 2009 Nicia Infotech announced a release of “vTrace” which is a web based solution for industrial security & visitor management service for Small & Medium Enterprises (SME). vTrace enables employees of an organization to inform the security department in advance about their expected visitors. When a visitor arrives, the security then can confirm if there was a confirmed appointment. Security can also check if the visitor belongs to “Blacklisted Visitors/Companies” & can deny permission to enter. Meeting the necessary identity checks, Security can then issue a Gate Pass to the visitor. vTrace also has an optional value added feature of in-built barcode generation. This feature enables to trace the footprint of the visitor while the visitor is in the office premises and accessing the restricted areas. vTrace has a complete MIS reporting module which allows the organization to assess their visitor patterns, purpose of visits, most visited employees or departments etc. This proves to be an important data collection tool in designing a security policy for an organization.

On June 1, 2009 Nicia Infotech is appointed as Technology Partners by Infotech will serve as a IT consultant managing the routine website maintenance, Release enhancements, regular site updates & assist in Vichaar’s Organic Traffic initiatives.